Sale of farm machinery and equipment for growing pastures and fodder

Support farmers/farms acquire Tractors and implements for growing fodder and making of hay/silage. Support is both individuals and cooperatives.

Farmer makes a down payment of 20% of the total cost of the tractor and its implements. The Financial Institution finances 80% of the Loan at an interest rate of 12%

Contact:Engineering Solutions (Med.) 0752-701239

Artificial Insermination Services

Promoting a new bussiness model, where farmers pay for result (conception), rather than service (insermination).

For the farmer: UGX 100,000 fixed cost

guaranteeing results, and including ear-tag, blood test, mobile phone monitoring tool and free repeat (if necessary)

Contact person for the 13 Al technicians, participating in the model, David Mujuni on 0772-309015 or Scheme in participation with Cooper Kenya Limited (CKL) Ronald Nuwagira on 0702-938392

Sales of chaff cutters for silage making

Supporting the introduction of chaff cutters to assist dairy farmers to make silage, hay and broken maize.

3 litres petrol chopper: UGX 3 million

8 HP Diesel Chopper: UGX 5 million.

13HP Diesel chopper: UGX 7.0 million

16HP Diesel chopper UGX 9 million

24HP Diesel chopper: UGX 16.5 million


4DIZ Company        Hilda Nduhura:    0772.464614 /0759.801093

Brazafric Uganda    Tom Katsyamira:  0701.356038

High Mark Fram      Nicholas Masiko: 0700.283950

Construction of spray race for tick control

Promoting quality cattle spray races for dairy farmers.

TIDE subsidy: 40% for the frame


Farmer contribution: 60% for the spray race frame and entire costs of the civil works.


Kwewayo Uganda vet Pharmacy, Dr. Benedict Lugemwa: 0772-425662 or 0701-095530

Dr. Julius T 0702-411130

Construction of biogas digesters for cooking

Upscalling use of household digesters, improving household energy efficiency and bio-slurry as fertilizers.

Three  sizes;

6 cubic metres: UGX 1.5 million

9 cubic metres: UGX 1.8 million

13 cubic metres: UGX 2.2. million

TIDE Contributes UGX 500,000 per plant. For more information contact Kasibante Julius of Biogas Solutions Uganda on  0702-420770

Farm records App

A simple farm management software, which allows you to create and record the history of production and events on your farm.

TIDE subsidy: 50% of the cost ot the mobile app gadget, win a voucher of 2.000,000 if one completes 6 months of un interrupted on farm records.

Farmer contribution: 50% of mobile app


omni Tech: Peter Waholi: 0775-144070/ 0783-172238

Water Preservation & Distribution using Dam Lining Technology

Support farmers to store large volumes of water by use of dam liners.

Farmer willingness and capacity to invest 70% of the toatal cost of the preffered  volume of dam lined tank.

30% is provided as a subsidy by SNV.

Contacts:Ballton Uganda Ltd: Agnes 0757-771330

Water for Production-Other Secondary Storage and distribution

Supporting farmers to acquire rain water harvest systems, secondary water storage systems and intergrated water distribution solutions.

Eligibility: Farmer willingness & capacity to invest 75% of the total cost of the prefferd water system. 25% is provided as subsidy by SNV through Water and Pumps International.

Contacts: 0704764283

Production Improvement Loans For Dairy Farmers

Through interest buy-down scheme with local financial institutions, Farmers can access loans of upto 70 millions at 12% interest rate per year (Reducing balance)


For any products, a farmer has to choose between benefiting either from interest buy-down or direct subsidy offered through the service provider.


EBO SACCO: Elias :0782-115318/0754-115218

Rushere SACCO: Ruth: 0703-317389/0712-802786

Buturo SACCO:(Speciaaly for zero grazers)

Practical Training on Dairy Farms

3 traning themes each of 4 days on offer:

  • Feeding and Nutrition (AGDI)
  • Breeding and generic gain (RDI)
  • Animal Health (Mutanoga)

@ UGX 350.000 (Residential) and

UGX 190.000(non-residential)

TIDE subsides: Women owned and Youth: 50% subsidy (for both residents and non- residents at the farm).

Tel: 0772-455103

Construction of milking Parlour, Hay store & Cattle Crash

Supporting smallon-farm investments that can increase hygien and production on the farm.

Miliking parlour for atleast 5 cows (wood/steel versions).

Hay barn in steel or wooden materials.

Cow shed or Zero grazing Unit (small holder or large scale commercial farmers)

Cattle crush in (steel/wood versions), Animal bio-safety structures (tyre bath/cattle grid)

TIDE subsidy; 25% of costs of materials (maximum of ugx 20.0000.000)

Structural Farm Planning, Fencing & Paddocking

Supporting farmers to improve their grazing system through fencing/paddocking for better pasture management.

TIDE subsidy: 35% on each of the following;Farm clearing (bushes, shrubs, and ant hills)

Farm, survey and farm planning

Purchase of fencing and paddocking materials (Poles, nails, and barbed wire)

Farm set-up of fences and paddocks.