Get a loan for your car, machine, equipment, or asset with flexible and affordable repayment terms to increase your production output, profits and grow your business. This includes vehicles, office equipment, agricultural or factory equipment and machinery etc.


  • Flexible Payment Terms – which can be scheduled monthly, quarterly or termly with up to 60 months for repayment.
  • Favourable interest rates.
  • Access to our qualified vehicle and equipment suppliers to help you get your car or asset.
  • The loan packages provide a full range of complimentary insurance products.
  • Matched maturity where terms = asset life.
  • No additional security as the asset is the security.
  • Flexible repayments arranged to suit your business cash flow.
  • 24-hour business banking support through our Enterprise Direct Centre.


  • Down Payment of up to 20% of the cost of the vehicle or asset.