The EBO Share account allows EBO clients to become share holders and be able to earn dividends off the shares owned.
In a bid to promote the purchase of shares and grow the share capital of EBO, the business department has come up with a marketing plan aimed at selling more shares to EBO clients and to the general public.
The plan is called EBO Shares Campaign.
The campaign will run for a period of 6 months from April to October 2022.

Core marketing messages/ Benefits:

  • Every shareholder will get a share certificate.
  • Flexible conditions for loan acquisition.
  • Transfer or sale of shares: Shares can be sold or transferred to any interested person.
  • Shares earn dividends every year.
  • A shareholder has a chance to become a delegate.
  • Every time you buy shares, you will get an instant prize.
  • To buy yourself a share with EBO SACCO, kindly visit any of our branches.