Ordinary Savings Account


1. Two passport size photographs.
2. Valid National ID (Endangamuntu).
3. Letter of introduction from the LC, Employer or utility bills copy verifying your residence.
4. Opening fee of Ugx 26,000.


  1. No monthly charges.
  2. No charges on withdraw and deposits.
  3. No limit on withdraw or deposits.
  4. Account opening is easy and instant.
  5. Consistent outstanding customer care.
  6. Easy access to loans on your account.
  7. Encourages savings that are immediately available.
  8. Accumulation of savings thus increased future investment.
  9. Free and instant transaction processing at all branches.
  10. Quick service delivery.
  11. Attractive interest rates.


  1. No monthly management/service charges.
  2. Any amount can be deposited.
  3. SMS alerts for all transactions.
  4. Mobile banking services.