Setting up a new business comes with a lot of investments and thinking. New entrepreneurship projects need the best loans for a flourishing business. Are you planning to start a new dairy business? Or do you want proper funding for an already set up dairy farming business? Let’s take a look at the different aspects of obtaining a dairy business loan.


Dairy farming is majorly an unorganized sector but is also one of the biggest industries in Uganda. To improve and sustain quality in dairy products, and make the sector proper and organized, many dairy farming loans are available. We at EBO, We provide the under the scheme and valuable flexibility under the terms of the dairy loan so that you avail the best benefits for your dairy farm.


  • For establishing a new dairy farming unit or expanding an old dairy farming unit.
  • Purchase of mulch animals and crossbred mulch cows for small dairy units.
  • Rearing of younger calves, crossbred of mulch cows and buffalos.
  • Acquisition of milk machinery such as Bulk Milk Chilling units, automatic milk collection and dispersal systems, milk vans
  • Construction, renovation, or expansion of cattle sheds
  • For growing fodder for cattle, other working capital needs of the dairy farm
  • Acquisition of dairy dispensation equipment, chaff cutters, etc.
  • Dairy manufactured goods transportation services
  • Cold Storage Services
  • Dairy Marketing Outlets


  • Farmers who have engaged in dairy activities previously.
  • Individual entrepreneurs who have engaged in dairy activities previously.
  • Groups belonging to the unorganized and organized dairy farming sector.
  • Self-help groups, Milk Unions Cooperative Societies, Milk Federations.

Features and Benefits

  • Loans for modern-day dairy requirements: We provide loans for the modernization of the creation of infrastructures. Milk houses, automatic milk collection and dispersal systems, transportation vehicles, Bulk Milk Chilling Units are all covered under the dairy loan.
  • Zero Processing Charges: There are no application charges for any of the loans we provide and absolutely no hidden costs pertaining to the loans.
  • Hassle-free application process: The application process is as easy as it gets. You just need certain documents that are listed.
  • Fast loan processing: The application process follows simple steps and minimal paperwork. The process involves the submission of applications, document verification, and disbursal of funds. This results in fast loan processing so you can improve and serve your dairy farm needs immediately.
  • Better and longer repayment periods: The repayment of the availed loans comes with a minimum of 3 years of repayment period. For certain loans, we can provide a repayment period of up to 7 years.
  • Loan amounts from 75 to 85% of the dairy project cost: The loan that is availed will cover from 75 to 85% of your investments in the dairy farm.
  • Reasonable interest rates: The interest rates range from 2.45% to 4% for individuals and farmers and 2.8 % to 6% for Non-individuals.