Institutional Collection Account


  1. Opening fee of Ugx 25000.
  2. Institution registration certificate.
  3. Institution resolution.
  4. Institution constitution.
  5. Copies of National ID’s for the signatories.
  6. Three copies of passport photos for each signatory.


  1. Free and instant transaction processing at all EBO branches.
  2. Accessibility to other products like loans, savings and investment products.
  3. Our relationship managers are available to help you with financial solutions for your needs.
  4. No charges on withdraws and deposits.
  5. No limit on withdraws or deposits.
  6. Account opening is easy and instant.
  7. Consistent outstanding customer care.
  8. Quick service delivery.
  9. Attractive interest rates.


  1. Any amount can be deposited.
  2. SMS alerts for all transactions.
  3. Mobile banking services.